Bringing the community together to make a difference

“This is a way we can do what we do well — inform the community of the needs of those less fortunate and spotlight leaders and programs providing solutions — and invite the community’s investment and participation in the solution."

--Jill Blue-Gaines

Bluewater Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and was created to bridge gaps in community service and provide direct community education. Our primary purpose is to develop and implement various fundraisers and events to promote awareness of community needs, as well as promote local organizations who are leading the way in addressing those needs.

About Bluewater Foundation

Bluewater Foundation Inc. is a charity created by Bluewater Creative Group founder and CEO Jill Blue, publisher of Viera MD, Viera Voice, Senior Life, Boomer Guide, and the Charlie Corbel Viera Wetlands Birding Guide, to address unmet community needs. Its specific focus is supporting families who take in or adopt children or animals, including stewardship of wildlife.